8 - 2000 People


In the game Choices it is 1996. You have been imprisoned in Cell block D of the State Prison. Due to lack of space, however, you are all released in the vicinity of your old living environment. The danger of falling back into old criminal habits is just around the corner!

Chapmann, your good friend, is already exerting pressure on you. You are doing your best to stay on the right path, but then fate strikes back on you!

Make the right Decision

In this game you play against each other in teams of 3 to 8 players. You seek your way in the free world, fight against yourself, your past and your environment. Do you keep it up or do you fall under pressure from the criminal underworld? Do you earn money fast, or do you take a decent job?

By trading, quick moves, smart betting and especially fast thinking, you try to be the first to earn enough money to escape the downfall and beat the other teams. A blood-curdling and hectic battle, that lets you put everything to win!

Are you able to reverse fate?

Price Choices at our location

Duration: 2,5 hour
Per person €25,45 excl. 6% VAT.

When you are with less than 8 players you can book for 8 players.

When you are with more than 25 players please fill in the contact form.

Price Choices at your location

Duration: 3 hour
15 – 49 persons € 29,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.
50 – 99 persons € 27,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.
100 – 2000 persons € 25,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.

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