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Kids escape room the Streetgang

The background story of kids escape room the Streetgang is that you have met some friends on holiday in Asia, and walk across a market. Then you see a group of kids stealing a chain. You do not think and run straight after them. But when you run into an alley and come to a shop, a door closes behind you, and you realize that you can not get out of there anymore.
The kids you saw are actually quite big. They tell you that you should not interfere with there business, and that they have locked you in.
They will call the police and say that you are thieves. It is therefore important that you liberate yourself before the police arrives. They are expected within the hour!

The Streetgang can be played from age 8 

The kids escape room the Streetgang is suitable for children from 8 years old. All our kids escape rooms can be played till 12/13 years old. From 12/13 years the children can also play our other escape rooms like the Bunker, Room 8 and Quarantine.

This kids escape room can be played in both Dutch and English.

Our location

The Streetgang is part of UP Events. UP Events has 1000m2 of indoor space and an enormous outdoor area of up to 30,000m2. There is a catering facility where you can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, soda or beer during your childs birthday party. You can also contact us for your company outing, bachelor party or family outing. Here you will find all options regarding food and beverages.

Book direct

Here you can book kids escape room the Streetgang directly. The price is per room for 5-7 children. Indicate that you want “1” room and the right number of children for the chips and lemonade. When you are with more than 7 children you can also book one of our other kids escape rooms B1 and B2 or Grandpa Battle.

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