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Escape room Amsterdam the “Quarantine” room. Join this thrilling adventure together with your colleagues, friends or family. The race against time begins the moment you are locked up in the room, you have one hour.

You just made an emergency landing with your plane because of illness among the passengers. You are all put in quarantine. But are the doctors right? And will they get back for you? Or are they gonna kill you and is it better to escape before they come back?


Quarantine is a escape room adventure you will never forget. Step into the world where stress, teambuilding, media and technology converge. Combine your escape room adventure in Quarantine with one of our workshops or other team building activities. How about an exciting city game?

Our other escape rooms

At room escape Amsterdam, it is possible to combine your adventure in Quaratine with one of our other rooms. Choose from the Bunker, Room 8, Vietnamese victim, or Quarantine.

When you are with more than 28 people, it might be fun to play together in one room. Think of our escape challenge Morte frio or escape challenge the Monk.

Food and beverage

Did the tension make you hungry? It is possible to have a drink with us and / or enjoy a delicious BBQ or tapas. Feel free to contact us via the form “request a quotation” or by telephone +31(0)20-4635850. Would you like to book our Quarantine room directly? Below are all available dates and times and you can make the booking yourself.

Minimum amount of participants is 4 participants. If you are with fewer than 4 people, please book for 4 participants.

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