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Vietnamese victim

In the escape room Vietnamese victim your a tourist who is always careful. Especially when you know you are in a neighborhood where you are repulsed by the touristy main drag. But you would like to do just this one thing in a small shop. Once in the shop, you wonder whether it is a real shop. But soon the question will be overtaken by whether you still have a way back. Will you be able to escape this place?

Vietnamese victim and teambuilding

Vietnamese victim is a escape room adventure you will never forget. Step into the world where stress, teambuilding, media and technology converge. Combine your escape room adventure in Vietnamese victim with one of our workshops or other activities. How about an exciting city gps game?

Our other escape rooms

At room escape Amsterdam, it is possible to combine your adventure in Room 8 with one of our other room. Choose from Vietnamese victim or the Bunker.

When you are with more than 28 people, it might be fun to play together in one room. Think of our escape challenge Morte frio or escape challenge the Monk.

Food and beverages

Got hungry of all the excitement? It is possible to combine your room escape adventure with a lunch, drinks, BBQ or Tapas. Please contact us using by phone +31 (0)20-4635850 or via the contactform. If you want to book Room 8 straight away, you can see all the dates and times that are still available in the calander here.

Minimum number of participants is 4 participants. If you are with fewer than 4 people, please book for 4 participants.

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