Team building Amsterdam

Team building Amsterdam, the best team building activities and workshops in Amsterdam. Organized by UP Events. In Amsterdam West we have a beautiful location. At our location we have 4 room escape rooms for adults and 3 kids escape rooms. We have 3 different rooms, Loodsen, that can be rented (to be used). The rooms are suitable for workshops (check out our “Team building activities“), meetings, team building activities, training courses or company parties. In the winter months, we are transforming our location into a large Winter Wonderland. Here you can held your company party and new year’s reception.

Team building including food and drinks

It is possible to combine your Team building activities and / or workshops with a delicious lunch, tapas, BBQ or drinks. In our location we have a relaxed outdoor area for groups up to 5000 people. Our indoor spaces are suitable for groups of 10 to 400 people. To really complete your event we recommend the BBQ Smoker € 29.50 p.p. The Smoker can already be booked from 50 persons and includes unlimited BBQ. Request a quote directly.

Company parties

For company parties, our loodsen 5, 6 and 7 can be rented for groups of up to 400 people. Loods 5 is suitable for a maximum of 70 people, Loods 6 for a maximum of 60 people and Loods 7 for a maximum of 400 people. There is a door between Loods 5 and Loods 6 so that you do not have to go outside. Outside it is possible to place a Stretchtent for up to 200 people. We have several tents at our disposal.

Free parking for more than 100 cars is available next to the site. Request Quote.

Teambuilding Amsterdam 2 – 5000 p.

Our indoor locations in Amsterdam are suitable for Teambuilding activities from 2 to 1000 people and outside we have an event area where we can accommodate large groups up to 5000 people. From April 2018, our BeachCLUP will also be ready to use. There will be room for 200 people. Our BeachCLUP is located on our own beach where you can relax, do activities and enjoy one of our delicious BBQ’s. Combine your team building Amsterdam Event with activities, drinks and dinner and let UP Events create a full day program for you.

All activities and workshops can be organized at our location, the beach, the city and at your location.
Request a quote directly.

Team building Amsterdam center

In addition to the fact that UP Events has its own outdoor site in Amsterdam, we annually organize thousands of team building activities in the city center of Amsterdam. One of our most booked team building activities are the city games. city games are city games where you are taken on an adventure through our capital by means of a tablet. Over the years we have developed several city games, each with its own theme. The city games will be played on a smartphone or tablet supplied by us. Or on your own device. A city game is played in small groups of 5 to 8 people. Several city game themes are city escape game and the city hunt.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, you can view a film of an event that we have provided for 120 NIKE employees in Amsterdam. Request a quote directly.

Team building activities and workshops

Look here for the best team building Amsterdam activities and workshops, if you have questions or specific requests let us know we are happy to help you. All team building activities can be adjusted to your wishes.

Room Escape tailor made offer